About Us

Parkviewe landscaping

John Rumancik, a graduate of NOHS, started Parkviewe, Inc. in 1983 and loves what he does.

No matter what the project, John is involved from start to finish – and that’s the way he likes it. “When I’m able to work with a customer,” he says, “whether it’s on a lighting project or building a garage or shed design, it means a lot to me to have the customer call or write me telling me how much they love it.” Parkviewe is truly a “one-stop shop” for all your outdoor furniture, building, and lighting needs. They are there from start to finish, and the customer doesn’t have to do anything.

“It’s a great feeling when someone comes to us with an idea, looking for help in carrying that idea through to finish,” John explains. “We all have busy lives, so it is really satisfying to take the stress of an outdoor project from someone and to let them sit back and enjoy the view.”

A large part of Parkviewe’s customers are referrals from other clients or by driving by their location on Detroit Road in Avon, just west of Crocker Park. You may have driven by and noticed the Amish buggy and trailer right off the road. When you drive in, you’ll see some of the poly furniture and buildings that can be designed, bought, and installed.

Contact Parkviewe, Inc. today or call John directly at 440-937-4468 to discuss your Weaver Barn project, beautiful Amish made Poly out door furniture or lighting needs!